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Our early intervention program  was launched first in November 2018 to fill the gap in early years services by providing education, therapy, and support for children with developmental delay and movement disorders under the age of 5 years and giving advice to their families.

Our mission is to provide a positive environment where parents feel supported, and children receive the opportunity to develop physical, cognitive, social and communication skills and learn to become more independent.


One of the key elements for early intervention is to give the help to the children during their early years when the brain is the most responsive for any therapy and treatment and to prevent any secondary conditions what would be caused by the lack of stimulating experience due to limited abilities.

Early intervention can be ideal for

  • premature babies who show signs of developmental delay;

  • those who haven’t started to reach their gross-motor milestones yet;

  • those how have the early diagnosis of HIE, cerebral palsy or other early brain injury

Age: from 6 months to 4 years


At the early intervention program we get to see the joy of maintaining head control for long seconds, sitting unaided for the first time, taking first steps with more and more independence, and starting to communicate effectively. Because of the consistent learning opportunities, our infants’ development becomes continuous progress. The family members and caregivers are able to witness the little wins of their children that had great effect on their own mental wellbeing too. Early intervention is a place for happy tears and the environment where each step and every little success is cherished.

How to join

Initial assessment and consultation

The aim of this session is to learn about the baby or young child condition, current ability level, speaking through all the  concerns and questions about motor development, daily routine and functional independence. Once we know what your child can do we can discuss those activities and tasks that can help to promote independence. We are here to help you set short-, and long-term goals, make plans and take actions so those will be achieved too. 

Following the initial assessment and consultation we will decide whether the individual sessions or the group program would be the most beneficial for your child. 

Group program

We are inviting babies, young children as well as their loving parents and care- givers to learn together. The program starts with the basics, including playing, gross-, and fine-motor movements, communication, eating, dressing and much more.

Cost of the sessions: first block of 8 sessions are fully funded by National Lottery, then £25/ session ( initial assessment is required).


Size of group: maximum 4 children, therefore booking is necessary.

Location: Darlington Baptist Church, DL15NH

Individual sessions

We know that there is no blue-print for child development, therefore there is no magic program that would fit for all of our participants. During the individual sessions we aim to accommodate your child individual needs and concentrating on teaching techniques and strategies relevant to your own personal situation​.  These sessions provide great opportunities to discuss how to incorporate newly acquired and learned skills into your everyday life. 

Time of sessions: we have available timeslots from Tuesday to Friday

Location:  currently we are offering individual sessions in our Darlington centre and outreach service in County Durham, North Yorkshire and Cleveland 

Cost of sessions: depending on location, travel time and distance the individual session cost can be between £55 - £85/ session.  For further information please contact us below. 


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