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What is Conductive Education?

Conductive Education is a holistic approach which sees every person as a unified whole and focuses upon improving the full personality. It`s a progress, an educational system which addresses the mobility, cognitive skills, communication, self-care skills and social skills while teaching people to live as independently as possible. Conductive Education was developed for people of all ages who have neuro motor disorders such as Cerebral Palsy, or movement control problems which originate from an injury of the brain or another part of the central nervous system. These injuries can occur before, during or after birth, or as a result of an accident, disease or stroke later in life.

Dr Andras Peto, the founder of the method thought that Cerebral Palsy is a learning difficulty instead of a medical condition, therefore individuals can be taught how to take control of their movements and how to overcome the daily challenges they have to face. Despite brain damage everyone is able to learn, they just need to find the right way.  Our aims are to support, guide and conduct on the route to life-long learning.


Benefits of our services

Empowered with the values of Conductive Education we can and we will ​​
  • Look at the whole personality and emphasize a "Can do" attitude

  • Listen to and observe the challenges the service user faces

  • Motivate and teach the skills needed to overcome said challenges

  • Provide opportunities to practice the newly acquired skills

  • Conduct and support them to achieve their goals

  • Cherish all success whether be small or massive

As a results of long term Conductive Education intervention the participants can

  • Become active members of their families

  • Form an attitude to try and constantly learn

  • Recognise their own power and replace each "I can`t" with " I know, if I try I can"

  • Prevent secondary conditions for example contractures as a result of lack of movements, or learning difficulties because of lack of experience

  • Work towards their maximum level of independence

  • Ultimately reach their full potential

Most importantly, we believe in you! If you would like to find out how much you can learn and achieve with Conductive Education, please get in touch. 

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