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When you believe in people, when you understand that every human being can learn new skills and achieve progress in their lives - no matter of their age or condition, - then something magical will happen.

You will see people young and old who try to reach what you believe is possible and become unstoppable on their journey to live up to their greatest potential.

This is what has been happening within our walls for close to a decade now. We saw toddlers learning to express themselves, 10-year-olds taking their first steps and adults in their late 80s persisting and working on maintaining their independence despite living with degenerative neurological conditions.  People with movement disorders might not be the vast majority of society; however, they are at the heart of our community: ready to learn, taking responsibility for their own progress and supporting their peers who are on similar mission: to be the best version of themselves and live meaningful lives worth living.  

Our vision is a place where you do not doubt for a second that you are loved, accepted and we believe in you.  Our aspiration is to develop and provide programs from early childhood to late adulthood, so people can better understand how conductive education can help to make life easier, and instead of a one-off therapy our approach can become the way of life.


Our major milestones:

- 2014 - September: we started with individual sessions in County Durham and North Yorkshire

- 2015 – August: the first intensive school holiday CANp for 12 children aged 4- 12

-               September: we started weekly group sessions for children aged 6 - 12

- 2016 – We moved into our permanent location in Darlington

                  Started weekly group sessions for adults with Parkinson`s disease

- 2017 – by working in collaboration with a local children's charity, we were able to secure funding for  a 3 years-long intensive school holiday project for children and young adults with the National Lottery’s support

- 2018 – we developed and delivered a conductive education early intervention program for parents and their children under the age of 4

- 2019 – we successfully registered School for Conductive Life CIC and created our current structure

- 2020 – during the pandemic we delivered National Lottery funded sessions for families of young children, primary and secondary school aged children, adults with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and cerebral palsy. 

Our team has grown into three in the autumn.


- 2021 our world has settled into its new normal and the doors of our centre have been open since. 


In 2024 our focus is on life-long learning and creating further opportunities for teenagers and young adults.

Many of these young people have been with us from the start. With their incredible commitment they are helping us to show what is possible when you are willing to learn, and you are dedicated to living a meaningful life. 

Our team is excited for our next chapter as we are preparing for our 10th Birthday .



Conductive Education practitioners are called Conductors. We believe in lifelong learning therefore with age we aspire to be more skilled, experienced, and better at what we do.  Until we become the best we can be, we try our best to be enthusiastic, focus on solutions and believe in you no matter what. Working in a good team means that we don`t have to be good at everything but supporting our team-mates, complement each other well, and perfectly manage our imperfections.

Tunde Romsics

Conductive Educator,  Consultant and Coach​


Tunde graduated at the International Peto Institute in Hungary in 2012. In the following years she gained experience both in private and public sectors in Hungary, the United States and North East England with children and adults from  the age of 8 weeks to 80 years.  She is passionate about Conductive Education and  believes that with consistent and continuous work it can transform the lives of children and adults who live with neurological conditions. Life-long learning plays an important role in her own life just like in her clients` lives. She strives for providing a comprehensive service, constantly increasing her knowledge and gaining qualifications  in the fields of health, nutrition, functional fitness, mentoring and coaching .

Eszter Nagy 

​Conductor (Teacher)

Eszter studied at the International Peto Institute in Hungary. She has been working as a Conductor in the North East region of England since graduating in 2013, gaining experience of working with children and adults with a wide range of disabilities. Eszter has an interest in dramatic games, artistic interpretations and their value in personality and social skill development. 

Dora Pekarik

Conductor (Preschool- teacher)

Dora graduated in Semmelweis University Peto Andras Faculty (earlier known as Peto Institute) in June, 2020. As an entrant her greatest goal is to be a part of a professional team while extending her knowledge and skills. Before her university studies she was attending a massage course in Hungary. Her most important professional plan is to deepen her knowledge in Conductive Education and has a drive to learn other therapy methods that complement her current knowledge and add value into her daily practice.

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